Sharange is a portal which allows users to trade pre-loved kids toys and clothes. Each item posted will be furnished wih a picture, classification, and age suitability. Users can exchange messages and see each other’s locations to foster more interaction and community.

With a tap of a button, a user is able share a similar item that is already posted in the site with the details pre-filled. If his or her children are still using the item, he or she can use the ‘share it later’ feature that will send a reminder when the children have outgrown the item.

This project was done as part of the UP Singapore Hackathon 2013: Reducing our environmental impact

Role: Consumer journey lead, UX and UI Designer

Team member:
Merwyn Wijaya
Muriel Boutin
Nikolai Raeber
Srinivasan Sridharan
Wang Jue


sharange5Customer journey map


sharange2UI Design – post new item


sharange3UI Design – viewing item and contacting the poster


sharange4UI Design – ‘share it later’ feature based on kids’ age