This project was done as part of the masterclass in service design conducted by CIID .


To evaluate and subsequently improve the service of bicycle rental as a mode of transportation for a tourist that would like to visit tourist attractions in Singapore.


After immersing ourselves in the experience cycling in Singapore city area, we documented the full consumer journey from the awareness stage to the leaving stage. We then analysed the high and low points of the journey as well as the obstacles we encountered along the way. Using this analysis as a guide, we crafted a detailed and thorough blueprint of an improved bicycle rental from both the user’s point of view and the service providers’ point of view, as well as the back-end requirements of each step.


Team member:
Merwyn Wijaya
Andre Tan
Kelvin Emmanuel Ng
Yvonne Chia
Yeong San


bikerental-2Finding out the differences of the bicycles offered from the sales person


bikerental-3Transaction and explanation of terms and conditions


bikerental-4Starting the journey! 


bikerental-5Obstacle: Safety concerns due to no bicycle lane


bikerental-6Obstacle: No infrastructure for parking


bikerental-7Consumer journey


bikerental-8Blueprint of the improved rental service