Meander is a social networking app to connect people for quick anonymous chat sessions over shared interests. We want to encourage real human connections by using technology to take the fear and anxiety out of striking up a conversation with a someone new.

This app was born during the Startup Weekend Bali 2015. After a weekend of research, validation, design and development, we emerged as first runner-up.


Team member:
  • Merwyn (UX designer & strategist from Indonesia)
  • Denton (Business-finance-marketing expert from Canada)
  • Lara (Socia media expert from Germany)
  • Albert (Back-end developer from Indonesia)
  • Paul (Full-stack web developer from Australia)

The concept came about from a desire to make it easier for people to meet and connect and start real world conversations. It may seem counter-intuitive to build an app to facilitate this but we feel it is the most likely way to reach users that need human connection the most.

Meander is an app for facilitating anonymous personal chat sessions with people nearby that share similar interests. We bring people together for authentic human connections.

The user experience is very visual and engaging and requires a small investment of time / energy / personal information from a user. They begin by viewing the ‘interest waterfall’ which shows a constantly changing screen of images from nearby users. The images are interests – things each person is excited about and open to chatting about. Each user submits five images so you have a pretty good idea of what they care about and you know right away if that is someone you might like to connect with. You start a quick anonymous chat session and then maybe decide to meet up in person.

Although it isn’t our focus, any social networking tool will end up being used for dating to some degree. We feel that by removing the personal ‘profile picture’ we remove the creepiest aspects of the user pool that uses a social network more for virtual stalking. Here you don’t know a users gender or age or any personal information – you just know a few broad topics that they are interested in. We feel that any romantic connections that do develop as a result of these chat sessions will be more authentic and inspiring than from typing dating apps.

We highlight local businesses and suggest them as potential meeting places for live connections (sometimes offering coupons or other incentives).