This project was completed as part of my thesis project in my final year in NTU School of Art, Design and Media titled Design Language in Packaging.

Craid is a hypothetical brand of Irish beer with a motto: beer for buddies. Its name is derived from the word ‘cairdeas’, which means friendship in Irish. Through its bottle design, it strives to capture the spirit of social integration that beer consumption brings to people. It proposes a new ritual that takes inspiration from the act of breaking bread to share with others, celebrating the bond that they have.

Pentawards Concept 2012: Bronze Award

Crowbar Awards 2012 in Packaging Category: Bronze Award


Packaging in the beverage industry plays a unique role due to the liquid nature of the product. It does not merely serve as a container, but also gives form to its content, consequently conveying the image and conceptualising the qualities of the product. This study aims to understand ways to translate these qualities to a tangible experience.


After choosing alcoholic beverage as the focus of the study, an in-depth review of alcohol’s history and roles was carried out to understand its character better. Alcohol’s ability to help drinkers open up and bond with fellow drinkers was subsequently chosen as the main quality to be brought alive through its packaging.

craid-new-2Finalised brief and direction


The idea of sharing was further explored, both between a couple and among three or more people, taking inspiration from salt and pepper shaker to jigsaw puzzle. After much consideration, I decided to develop the “3+” sharing concept with beer as the chosen content.

craid new v2-03Form exploration – sharing concept


The bottle form takes inspiration from geometric forms of three circles overlapping each other exactly at one point. This unique shape allows an enclosed formation with three or more bottles, symbolising the bond that the drinkers have.

craid new v2-08Top view of the bottles, inspired by geometric pattern made of circles.

craid new v2-09Contour exploration


craid new v2-123D-printed prototype


As the bottle form was finalised, I explored the 3 pack variant that will be sold in supermarket.

craid new v2-103-pack exploration

Final design

The brand is called ‘Craid’ inspired by the word ‘Cairdeas’ which means friendship in Irish. Three wolves are used as a mascot, representing the spirit of togetherness.

The bottles are wrapped in a continuous label, which proposes a new ritual of breaking the label while cheering at the same time.


craid (1) (Medium)Final bottle and logo design


craid-new-4Front view and top view of the bottle pack


craid (3) (Medium)‘Friendship’ ritual


craid (5) (Medium)Labels variation


craid new v2-113-Pack prototype


craid-exhibitionExhibition display


craid new-08Full page feature in TASCHEN Packaging Design Book 2