Meander is a social networking app to connect people for quick anonymous chat sessions over shared interests. We want to encourage real human connections by using technology to take…


Service Design – Bicycle Rental

This project was done as part of the masterclass in service design conducted by CIID . Brief To evaluate and subsequently improve the service of bicycle rental as a…



“Buy 4 for 20% off!” Great, if only you can find 4 items that you actually want to buy. Collectivic is a mobile app concept designed to help…


Craid: Beer for Buddies

This project was completed as part of my thesis project in my final year in NTU School of Art, Design and Media titled Design Language in Packaging. Craid is a…


Portable Kitchen

Portable Kitchen is a solution for people who travel often and have no access to stove. By using the technology of shape memory alloy, all the kitchen utensils…



Sharange is a portal which allows users to trade pre-loved kids toys and clothes. Each item posted will be furnished wih a picture, classification, and age suitability. Users can…



Creative direction and user interface design for Probionix website Agency: Flask Media Lab Website:


Lotus on Water

Creative direction and user interface design for Lotus on Water website Agency: Flask Media Lab


Abundant Production

Creative direction and user interface design for Abundant Production website. Agency: Flask Media Lab Brief To design a new website to showcase their photography and videography works. Approach…


Social Campaign: Care for Elderly Parents

This conceptual campaign aims to encourage adults to spend more time with their elderly parents. The concept of the campaign is to depict activities which would have put…

Negative to Positive tee

Negative to Positive

This artwork encourages the viewers not to get too engrossed with the little details which may be seemingly negative. Instead, they should always take a step back and…


Know It. Live It. Prevent It.

HIV/AIDS does not spread erratically. There are indeed just a few ways how it can be transmitted. Through translating this important knowledge to a simple graphic, this poster…


NTU Tennis Club

A compilation of designs done for NTU Tennis Club events, from various events poster to T-shirt design.

dyno torch redesigned-04

Dyno-torch Redesigned

This project was done to study injection molding technique and designs for mass production. Brief To create a new shell for salvaged internal parts of an existing item. Process…


Trail Blazer: Armando Testa

Brief To design a poster of for a retrospective show of the works of Armando Testa, Italian designer, cartoonist and a painter. APPROACH An in-depth review about his…



‘Deforestation’ highlights the consequences of deforestation. Inspired by the works of Isaac Montoya, it uses the semantics of color. When shone with different color light, a different image…


Fine Art

A compilation of drawings and paintings I have done till date. 20 second figure gestural drawing Charcoal on paper   Study of arm Pencil on paper   A transcription of…



Client: Hyatt Regency Hotel, Yogyakarta, Indonesia Agency: Attamana BRIEF Located at scenic outskirt of Yogyakarta,  Hyatt Regency Hotel would like to showcase the heritage of the region with a luxury…